Did Kasey Pop the Question to Vienna?


Drama queen Vienna Girardi once again monopolized the most captivating moments of Monday night's Bachelor Pad. From a fierce argument with Kasey Kahl to a proposal, her emotions were all across the spectrum.

Kasey grew irritated that Vienna was being cordial to ex-fiancé Jake Pavelka, but she adamantly insisted that she didn't want to be in same the house as Jake and accused Kasey of not protecting her as he had vowed he would. Kasey went as far as threatening her with another televised break-up and called her more of a "fame whore" than she makes Jake out to be. Already targets, the quarrelsome couple decided to band together and not show their competitors their weakness and vulnerability.

Before long, Kasey had a heart-to-heart with his lady love, pulling a little jewelry box out of his pocket. "I know that you know in your heart how much I love you and I'm here giving you this gift to reassure you how much I love you and how much I know in my heart there's no one else for me," he passionately told her. "My love for you is infinity." Souring the sweet moment, Vienna quipped, "I don't want it to be an engagement ring."

Kasey explained it was a promise ring, so Vienna allowed him to slip it on the middle finger of her left hand. Interestingly, if you look closely in the argument scene, which aired prior to the promise ring scene, Vienna is already sporting the band on the very same finger.

The women sank and the men swam in this week's challenge of synchronized swimming. Choreographers declared Michael Stagliano and Michelle Money the two winners, granting them immunity. Michelle chose Blake Julian, Kasey, and Graham Bunn for her date, on which she blushingly confessed she formed a crush on Graham and offered him a rose.

Michael took ex-fiancé Holly Durst, Vienna, and Ella Nolan on his three-on-one outing. The on-again, off-again couple of Michael and Holly broke off from the group for more alone time. Rock superstar Bret Michaels ambushed the date, serenading the cuddling groupies with Every Rose Has Its Thorn on his tour bus. Holly found the lyrics very relatable to her status with Michael and admitted, "It seems the longer we're around each other, the more we want to be around each other. There's a part of me that still loves Michael very much…" She got the rose on the date, but have they officially rekindled their romance?

The rose ceremony came down to Kasey and Jake up for elimination. In a Sopranos-esque finale twist, the screen cut to black without a conclusive ending. If you play close attention to host Chris Harrison, he said, "The next name I call out, please step forward. You're safe." Before the screen went dark, the last thing Chris said was, "Kasey." Does that mean Jake was sent packing? Viewers will need to tune in to ABC next Monday to find out which of Vienna's two men get sent off Bachelor Pad in the awaiting limo.