Meet 'Kate Middleton'


No matter your nationality, the prospect of playing one of the world's most popular Brits is an incredibly daunting task. Oddly, for Alice St. Clair, bringing Kate Middleton to life in William & Catherine: A Royal Romance was a dream come true. "I was really, very excited," she tells ETonline. "This is my first big role ever. Obviously I was nervous to play the girl of the moment, but it’s kind of an amazing thing to be playing our princess."

Luckily for St. Clair, as overexposed as Middleton is, no one truly knows much about England's newest princess. "That actually worked to my advantage," she tells ETonline. "Because she is so mysterious, I wasn’t forced into a specific performance the same way Dan [Amboyer, who plays Prince William] was. I could put my imagination and own ideas into her. I had a little more freedom, which was great."

The film chronicles the duo's time at University of St Andrews -- where they met -- and carries right up until their engagement, but stops short of recreating their Westminster Abbey wedding. "That was such a special, private moment. Well, as private as a wedding like that could be," St. Clair concedes. "It would have been so daunting to try and recreate something as majestic as that. I think it’s nice that we left that alone." Although she's quick to add, "I would have loved to wear a few Alexander McQueen gowns. I wouldn’t have said no to that."

William & Catherine: A Royal Romance premieres Sunday August 27 at 9 p.m. on The Hallmark Channel.