Justin Bieber's Slithery VMA Date


Where was Justin Bieber's main squeeze Selena, you ask? Probably as far away as she could get from the Bieb and his pet snake! 

Justin held tightly to the small animal as he walked the black carpet at last night's VMAs, and the always-adventurous Cojo showed no fear in approaching Bieber and his slithery friend with the question on everyone's mind; Why the snake? In response, Bieber casually answered that the tiny reptile "matches the outfit."

While the pursuit of fashion was most certainly an answer Cojo could relate to, one can only assume his slithery friend was a miniature tribute of sorts in the spirit of VMA legend and lady of the night, Britney Spears.

Watch the video for more VMA red carpet action! Don't worry, the footage is 90% snake-free.