Melissa Puckers Up for Two on 'Bachelor Pad'


Monday's episode of Bachelor Pad came back from black to bring last week's cliffhanger to a conclusion. Even with Jake Pavelka sent home instead of Kasey Kahl, jealousy was at an all-time high in the mansion. The on-again, off-again couple of Michael Stagliano and Holly Durst took over possession of the drama baton when Blake Julian's lips entered the picture.

Jake addressed the remaining contestants before pulling off the driveway, saying "Although we had a chance to do something really big tonight, really special, it just didn't happen. I think you're sending the wrong guy home. I want to encourage everybody, if you want a shot to win, you're going to have to step up and do the right thing and start taking out the power couples and you know which ones you need to start with."

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Vienna Girardi had a smirk of satisfaction on her face and Kasey felt an "euphoric sensation" take over his body. Jake also had messages for them individually: "Kasey, amazing meeting you. Vienna, my apologies, my heart forgiven."

Contestants reluctantly puckered up for a kissing contest as this week's challenge. Blindfolded, each girl was kissed by each guy and vice versa. After rating the kisses, Blake and Ella Nolan were ranked the house’s best lip-lockers and won immunity and a one-on-one date with a person of their choosing.

Michael became very territorial over Holly's smacker. After enjoying another "first kiss" with her, he felt sparks fly, saying, "we could really start feeling that love again." Then, along came Blake. "He just laid it on her. There was some tongue in there, some head movement, some swag, some motion of the ocean," Michael spitefully said in his play-by-play.

"I wouldn't say I went in for the kill," Blake assessed. "But definitely took it up a few more notches." Appraising her two suitors, Holly evaluated, "Kissing Michael in the kissing contest, it just felt normal and natural. But kissing Blake in the kissing contest, was a whole other story. I didn't want to stop." And they didn't. The PDA continued in front of a deflated Michael.

Given the evil glare of Kasey, all the guys respectfully gave Vienna no more than a peck, so she could immediately recognize her boyfriend's more intimate encounter. When Holly gave her anonymous kiss to a blindfolded Michael, he too could identify her familiar lips. Michelle Money declined to participate in this activity.

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Ella had a pretty drama-free date with Kirk Dewindt that culminated with a romantic kiss in a hot air balloon. She offered him a rose. The real twist came when Blake chose to take Holly on his date instead of Melissa Schreiber, who felt completely betrayed. Blake and Holly bonded so well during their ski date, they opted for an overnight stay.

Keeping warm by a campfire, Blake confronted Holly about her status with Michael. She responded, "I told you walking in to this, I didn't want anything to do with Michael really. The more time we spend together, it's starting to change a little bit and Michael told me last night that he misses me a lot, but I don't know what that means." Putting her wavering feelings aside, Holly shared another kiss with Blake and earned a rose.

Back at the mansion, Michael's mind was racing with what was going on with his ex-fiancé's date. "The minute Holly walked out that door, it made me realize how much I love Holly," his heart throbbed. "Since we broke up, I was confused for awhile, but I never stopped being in love with her. As every minute goes by, I ache for her more and more."

Upon Holly's return the following day, Michael arranged a special date for the two of them to reconnect. He expressed his love for her and concerns of seeing her with other guys and not feeling the love back. Their lips met a few times, but no real conclusion was drawn. Afraid of getting hurt again by Michael, Holly remained perplexed on who her heart should belong to.

The ally-less Melissa and William Holman were voted off the show. Bachelor Pad returns to ABC next Monday night.