David Arquette to Bare his 'Situation' on 'DWTS'

David Arquette to Bare his 'Situation' on 'DWTS'

As of late, the word "situation" has come to define many things. It can stand for drama, 6-pack abs, and David Arquette promises to deliver every sense of the word in this upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars.  

Inspired by fellow contestant Ron Artest who immediately abandoned his shirt at last night's announcement, Arquette tells ET the disrobing on his part will be inevitable. "I'll bring my own situation!" exclaims David. "Hopefully," he says, "it will be down the line where I've worked out enough that I'm ready."

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Rob Kardashian isn't as keen as Arquette to jump into that arena yet, but his buddy Ron Artest has definitely gotten the ball rolling. He jokes that the two were meant to go shirtless together, but Kardashian backed out at the last minute because he wasn't quite ready. After trimming down a bit with some dancing, Rob looks forward to a bare-chested, "crazy" show.

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Artest says he felt compelled to his act of skin exposure because "the energy in the building" made him do it. Unfortunately, the reception was lukewarm causing the Laker great to feel a little silly. "I feel like everybody was there to see me, so I took my shirt off," he explained. "I made a fool of myself, but that's okay."

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Watch the video to hear more from the brand-new Dancing cast!

Season 13 of Dancing With the Stars premieres Monday, September 19 on ABC.