The 'CSI' Hazing that Changed Ted Danson's Life


Ted Danson received a deathly-cold welcome for his return to network television as the newest cast member of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

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"There was your typical hazing where they send you to a real autopsy in Vegas," Ted told ET's Mark Steines. "It was one of those life-changing experiences."

CBS announced Ted's addition to the cast in July, filling the gap left by former cast member Laurence Fishburne. Although Ted has shown his dramatic chops in the critically acclaimed Damages, the Golden Globe winner is perhaps best known for his comedic flare on shows like Cheers and Becker.

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Showing that a leopard can't change its spots, co-star Marg Helgenberger outed Ted for his antics in between takes.

"This is a bad thing to be telling people who are wondering whether they should watch CSI with me in it," Ted joked.

After 12 seasons, original cast member Marg Helgenberger is leaving the show in January, but not without some reservations.

"Sometimes I question what am I doing," Marg chuckled. "Because there's so many positives and very little cons about this job."

Ted agreed saying, "My wife accuses me of going off to the spa everyday, I'm having so much fun."

Watch CSI's season premiere September 21 on CBS.