Brandy: Behind The 'Diva'


Brandy has been quite a busy bee following her turn on Dancing with the Stars last fall. Not only has she signed with RCA Records to release her first album since 2008, but she's also getting back into acting with a multi-episode arc on Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva. Although, if fans take to her character, she might be back next season as well!

In the September 4 episode, Jane meets Brandy's character when her father's life insurance company refuses to pay out his policy. But, as she's apt to do, Jane gets a little too invested in the verdict. Turns out, getting the chance to collaborate was just as exciting for Brandy as it was for creator Josh Berman since they've been fans of one another's for years.

"I've been a huge fan of Brandy from her earliest days in television," he told "[So] I was thrilled to discover that she had actually watched every episode of the series!" In anticipation of Brandy's DDD debut, ETonline has gotten an exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes as star Josh Stamberg plays reporter with his newest co-star!

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