Singles on New Dating Show Quick to Be 'Excused'


ET's got a sneak peek of a new comedy dating show that wastes no time deciding which single men and women are good enough to move on and which ones are quickly Excused from the show! 

Hosted by comic Iliza Shlesinger -- who won the stand-up competition Last Comic Standing in 2009 -- the reality dating show Excused offers a fresh take on the dating scene by adding comedy, which is often used as a dating ice-breaker and is a traditional part of relationships.

Single men and women looking for love are either in-or-out on Excused, the first dating show in which viewers can potentially date contestants they
see on the show, thanks to a partnership with the
dating site

Each episode follows a new group of men competing for the affections of two women (or vice versa). Based on first impressions, Jazzed profiles and intimate dates, host Shlesinger guides the women as they systematically narrow the men down to one. The final man standing then has the opportunity to select the woman he wants to date and ultimately, one final couple gets a chance for love.

Be sure to follow Excusedon Facebook and Twitter and catch the premiere of this hilarious dating show on Monday September 12. The show is in syndication so check your local listings here for a station near you.