Chaz and Lacey 'Ready' for Glitter and Spandex


The Season 13 cast of Dancing with the Stars has been getting quite a bit of attention for what some are calling the most "controversial" assortment of celebrities yet, however Mirror Ball hopeful Chaz Bono hopes to steer the critics away from the negative and back to the heart of the show; The dancing competition.

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ET's Mark Steines dropped in on Chaz and partner Lacey Schwimmer in the throes of their initial rehearsals, and despite the recent backlash the 42-yr-old has been fielding as of late, the pair appeared to be in high spirits.

"We're going to do catsuits," giggled Lacey when asked about their strategy to wow the judges week one. Jumping in, Chaz added that they're working hard to deliver a high-scoring Cha Cha. Their secret? Rhinestones, headdresses and feathers might be in the cards to hopefully give that extra oomph they'll need to put them over the edge.

All fun aside, the competitor given the hardest time this season has undoubtedly been Chaz, but he asserts that those individuals who respond to his involvement in the show with negativity don't really get to him. "I've never been one to focus on the negative stuff," he began. "I haven't seen any of the blogs or boards or any of that so all I'm getting is this overwhelming support on my Twitter, which has been amazing."

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As for whether or not his famous mom will make an appearance on the show, Chaz says that's something he can't answer. "I don't know yet. We'll have to wait and see."

Dancing with the Stars returns to ABC on Monday, September 19.

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