Holly Durst Wins 'Bachelor Pad 2' Twice Over

Holly Durst Wins 'Bachelor Pad 2' Twice Over

Cupid sure was in the house on Monday night's Bachelor Pad 2 finale. One newly minted couple was bitten by the love bug, while some others got a dagger to the heart.

For the final challenge, the remaining contestants jetted off to Las Vegas. Each pair was posed with the task of performing a routine on Cirque du Soleil's 's stage. Ghosts of the franchise's past, Trista Sutter, Ali Fedotowski, and Jason Mesnick served as judges. Kirk Dewindt and Ella Nolan received the lowest scores and were automatically eliminated from Bachelor Pad. The panel selected Holly Durst and Michael Stagliano as the winners. As the champs, they proceeded to the final round and were able to select another couple to join them. Upon choosing Graham Bunn and Michelle Money, Kasey Kahl and Vienna Girardi were sent home.

All of the housemates reunited to discuss the drama that unfolded all summer long. The conversation between Jake Pavelka and Vienna began pretty amicable, but things turned ugly when the former Bachelor said, "I kind of feel like the breakup was quite profitable for Vienna and taking the olive branch that I wanted to extend might have changed the course of her career a little bit." Vienna adamantly denied his claims that he had tried to contact her over the course of the year to find closure and offered to submit to a lie detector test to prove the validity in her statement.

The Vienna madness did not end there. Current boyfriend Kasey Kahl found it very difficult to digest the video playback of her comments on the show. Choked up, he admitted, "Watching that, that's not a healthy relationship and that's not a relationship I want." In the same breath he expressed his love for her and the two appear to still be together. Will their status change after tonight? Vienna shot Kasey an evil eye when he apologized for not giving Jake a chance to fully tell his side of the story.

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Putting their rocky on-again, off-again relationship and broken engagement behind them, Holly and Michael kept their alliance intact until the very end. They opted to split the $250,000 prize money down the middle, each pocketing $125,000. Displaying sportsmanship, Michael explained his selfless decision: "This is a game and she was my teammate and it's hard. But, she will always be my teammate."

The cha-ching was only one reason Holly was smiling from ear to ear. She also had some bling-bling to debut. In a taped segment, dentist Blake Julian dropped to one knee to propose to the reality star. She accepted and has plans to move in with him in South Carolina. Taken aback by her surprise engagement, a "hurt" Michael said in spite, "Weddings are expensive last I checked," so the extra cash will come in handy.

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Ben Flajnik is calling all the single ladies. After Ashley Hebert's proposal rejection, the winemaking crooner will be looking for everlasting love on next season's The Bachelor. Host Chris Harrison formally announced ABC's casting decision. He'll ring in the New Year with a premiere date of January 2, 2012.