Paula Abdul: Simon's Met His Match with L.A. Reid


L.A. Reid, a harsher critic than Simon Cowell?

It's pretty hard to conceive such a thing, but The X-Factor's very own Paula Abdul admits to ETthat the record executive turned judge is one tough you know what.

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"It's fantastic," beams Paula. "Simon's met his match with L.A., you have no idea!"

Naturally, such a statement leads us to wonder if Simon will then have to step up his game in light of this revelation, but Paula assures us he's the same curmudgeon we know and love.

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"It feels beautifully uncomfortable," Abdul describes her working relationship with Cowell. "It's like a good, worn-in shoe on the wrong foot. It's like a good leather right foot shoe on the left side."

Host Steve Jones agrees, and thinks the real firework show will be Paula and Simon. It's "an absolute joy" says Jones. "They genuinely argue all the time, and it's very, very entertaining."

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Watch the video to hear more from L.A. and Paula, plus Glee's Chris Colfer and Amber Riley spill season three secrets!

As for L.A. Reid, we'll just have to wait and see if there is any truth to Paula's words when The X Factor debuts September 21!