Will LeAnn Rimes Join 'The Playboy Club' Cast?


ET's Mark Steines got a chance to visit the set of NBC's highly anticipated new show, The Playboy Club, and the host stumbled on an interesting fact: LeAnn Rimes could possibly be cast on the show!

"There's been talk about it," Eddie Cibrian confessed. "We're trying to figure out something cool and different than just a performance thing."

Apart from the speculative news, the cast seems to share the same sentiment on an iconic era such as the '60s. It's a period of time that has been brought to the forefront thanks to shows like Mad Men and the upcoming series Pan Am, a fact that wasn't lost on the show's stars.

"I believe that there's a certain majestic to the '60s and there's a whole different vibe than what we live in current times," Jenna Dewan said. "Thank God for Mad Men. They really opened up the doors for this."

See what else the cast had to say about the exciting new show and in the video! Don't miss The Playboy Club when it premieres on Monday, September 19, on NBC!