'Charlie's Angels' Reboots For a New Generation


With a tagline that reads "These are not your mother's Angels," the ABC reboot of the classic Seventies series Charlie's Angels boldly asserts this breed of sexy detectives will hold its own in the iconic franchise.

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Set in Miami, the brand-new series promises loads of action as these three tough, yet lovely ladies solve crimes for their elusive boss.

Annie Ilonzeh plays Kate, an ex-cop/detective turned dirty. Best known for her role on the daytime soap General Hospital, this beauty transitions surprisingly well into the hard-as-nails Kate. "My character's expertise is martial arts," Annie explains, "she just kicks butt, literally the whole time!"

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Minka Kelly of Friday Night Lights fame plays Eve, a street racer with a mysterious past. Admittedly, Minka found it a little daunting to fill the shoes of the her predecessors but soon realized there was no point. "I soon learned that we weren't filling anyone's shoes. This is a whole new version of the show and its our own take on it for our own time, for this time, for this generation so, you know I think that we have evolved so much that the audience expects something different than what Charlie's Angels has done in the past."

Rounding out the trio of Angels is Rachael Taylor who plays Abby, a Park Avenue princess turned cat burglar and jewel thief. The gorgeous Aussie describes Abby as "sort of a strategic Angel." With her skills in thievery, she says Abby is "a handy woman to have around if you every wanted to rob a bank or crack into a safe or steal something really expensive."

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Retired Angel Drew Barrymore serves as executive producer to the show along with legendary producer Leonard Goldberg who held the same credit for the original series and subsequent film remakes.

Set your TiVOs! Charlie's Angels premieres Thursday, September 22 on ABC.