Lacey: Chaz's Knee Injury a 'Big Problem'


The intensity of this week's quickstep may just have been too much for Dancing with the Stars hopeful Chaz Bono, and as ET's Mark Steines came to find backstage, Chaz might need more than painkillers and ice to stay in the game.

As Mark expressed his concern with regards to Chaz's apparent knee injury, Bono remained optimistic for the future, choosing to keep his thoughts away from the possibility of failure. "I wouldn't be too worried," he assured. "Worrying is not going to make my knees better."

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Partner Lacey Schwimmer couldn't hide her very real concern over Chaz's knee pain, and despite having a reputation as one to crack the whip, she admitted it might be wise to go a bit easier on him in the days ahead.

"I have to respect when he needs a rest and I usually wouldn't, but I do understand it is a big problem right now for him."

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Cher was quick to voice her concern over her ailing son via Twitter, writing:

"Chaz's ANKLE in Pain!. Getting xray, & Acupuncture! There is Still hope & Chance 2 pull this off ! Chaz is tough & has SO MUCH Please VOTE"

With a combined score of 17 last night, the two are in real jeopardy of being sent home prematurely; a point Cher is also very aware of. "I'm sure u know this..U can vote 12 X’s on mobile, land line,Computer! Chaz Thinks if he Can JUST Get Thru THIS WK He’ll Get Better & B OK "

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With his signature politeness, Chaz also took to Twitter to gather as much fan support as possible. "Just a friendly reminder to please vote. @LaceySchwimmer and I really need everyones help getting through this week."

Tune in tomorrow to ABC for the results show to see who stays and who goes!