'Private Practice' Returns! Who'll Addison Pick?

'Private Practice' Returns! Who'll Addison Pick?

Poor Addison! Life is getting a little crazy for the single, Santa Monica doctor.

Last we left Dr. Montgomery, she literally had to choose between saving her practice or jetting off to Fiji with an uber-handsome man whose name she had yet to learn.

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Entertainment Tonight's Mark Steines did a little digging on the season five set and discovered the mysterious stranger Addison left high and dry at the airport may just play a bigger part in her life than she realizes.

Actor Benjamin Bratt plays the "mystery man" whom Addison nearly embarks on a 14-day, sexy, get-to-know-you vacation. Although the trip goes bust, Bratt spills the season four finale will not be the last you see of him.

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Ben reveals first that tonight's premiere will finally provide fans with a name to that beautiful face: Jake Riley. Secondly, Bratt tells ET his unknown occupation will come out- He's a fertility specialist who just might prove useful in light of Addison's desire to start a family.

As for fans of the AddiSam, Kate Walsh says that although the two are "on a break," they will indeed explore ways to build a future with Sam (Taye Diggs) although they don't quite meet eye to eye on the important things.

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"It will be interesting to see how it's going to be with her and Sam trying to make it work, with her going to get a baby, and he doesn't really want one, but they still want to be in a relationship together."

Don't miss the season premiere of Private Practice, tonight on ABC.