Keeping Up with the Mandelas?

Getty Images

Social activist and former President of South Africa Nelson Mandela has three granddaughters who are pursuing their own reality show.

Swait Dlamini, 32, Dorothy Adjoa Amuah, 27, and Zaziwe Dlamini-Manaway, 34, grew up in the United States then moved back to South Africa, and have teamed up with Dr. 90210 creator and show producer Rick Leed to start the process of getting on TV in their efforts of "exposing Africa for what it is ... with a new middle class of intellectuals ... contributing to the economy."

According to reports, Dlamini-Manaway will be the mother figure on the show. She has a 10-year-old son, a two-year-old daughter and a third child due in January, and runs their family business, Mandela Dlamini Associates. Dlamini is a single mother who wants to set up a foundation for housing, education and medical sectors. Amuah is the socialite with a law degree who is into luxury brands. We will also reportedly see these ladies personal and business lifestyle.

Although they are being compared to the Kardashiansm, they want to make it clear they are far from that. According to reports, Dorothy said, "We're definitely not the African Kardashians."

Their show is set to air in early 2012, and will feature many of their family members.