Jeff Probst on his New Talk Show & 'HIMYM' Role


Jeff Probst just won his 4th consecutive Emmy for outstanding reality show host, but this primetime staple is ready to show the world he's got plenty more to offer.

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Probst will be branching beyond the Survivor island next fall for a yet-untitled talk show. "It seemed like a good fit," Jeff told Entertainment Tonight host Nancy O'Dell. "I'm interested in people. I've spent the last 12 years dealing with a cross section of America in an extreme situation, helping them get through that while getting the information we need to tell a story."

Probst's 2012 talk show isn't the only project getting serious attention; the Survivor host will make a special cameo in the hugely popular CBS comedy, How I Met Your Mother. Jeff jokes the role wasn't the most difficult thing he's ever done, telling Nancy he'll be playing himself in a naughty, sexual innuendo-filled scene opposite Neil Patrick Harris.

"I'm pretty much introducing a challenge on Survivor that is sponsored by Barney's character," he explains with a laugh. "You know, free breast reduction examinations."

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Don't miss Jeff's appearance on How I met your Mother tonight on CBS, and be sure to catch an all-new episode of Survivor: South Pacific Wednesday night, also on CBS.