Ricki Shedding Pounds with 'The Derek Hough Diet'


Week after week, Ricki Lake and pro partner Derek Hough have wowed us with their performances on Dancing with the Stars, but lately Ricki's shrinking waistline is beginning to steal the spotlight away from her fancy footwork.

"I've lost more than 13 inches in a month," Ricki tells Ellen DeGeneres. In describing what many have come to call the "Dancing diet," the former talk show host has renamed the body-changing phenomenon the "Derek Hough diet" in honor of her instructor. "The Derek Hough diet is the best! I lost 5 inches in my waist, 5 inches in my hips. It's hard-core."

Tune in to today's The Ellen DeGeneres Show to hear more from Ricki on her Dancing with the Stars struggles and triumphs.

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