Octomom Starts Dating Again


"What kind of man can handle a date with Octomom?"

That's the question posed at the start of HDNet's Celebridate, featuring Nadya Suleman. And in an ETonline exclusive preview, you can meet a trio of bachelors who are up for the job ... or so they think!

Suitor number one says, "I'm okay with kids ... as long as I don't have to deal with them." So naturally you can imagine how things progress (or, devolve, rather) from there. Up next is a yoga date that somehow increases Octomom's anxiety. Lastly, is dinner-time, which unfortunately turns into story-time as Octomom feels the need to utter this gem, "I had eight babies ripped out of my uterus, I felt like a deer being ripped apart by tons of lions."

Not really first date conversation, but it certainly generates first rate reality television! Check out ETonline's exclusive preview of Celebridate above and tune in to the series premiere on October 12 at 8:30 p.m. on HDNet!