Sharon Osbourne's Shocking Admission


Sharon Osbourne's Shocking Admission

It's been almost one month since Sharon Osbourne appeared on CBS' The Talk, and she wasted no time making her return a memorable one.

During today's broadcast, Osbourne revealed that she's spent the last few weeks recovering from surgery. "One morning I woke up and one of my boobies was kind of much longer than the other," she said on the show. "So I'm looking, thinking, this isn't right."

"I went to fabulous surgeon and she said the implant was leaking (so) I went and had them taken out and it had leaked into the wall of my stomach."

But breast implant removal wasn't the only surgery Osbourne had over the break. She also underwent "a little bit of lady surgery downstairs" as well.

Thankfully Talk talk quickly turned to Jack Osbourne's recent engagement, with Sharon saying how happy the entire family is to welcome Lisa Stelly into their clan.