Chris Jacobs' Mom Shares Her Cancer Survival Story


Chris Jacobs' mom, Mary Meyer, is a proud breast cancer survivor, and she detailed her heroic story to the ladies of The Talk on Tuesday with her son by her side.

Mary stressed the importance of receiving regular mammograms for the purpose of detecting breast cancer in its nascent stages.

"The most important thing is to not fear what the results might be," said Mary. "Even if the results come back positive and you have to take the journey, it's so important [to have] early detection."

Mary praised her family for their support during that tense time in her life, and Chris described the inner battle that he undertook after learning of his mother's ailment.

"Obviously I was shocked initially and scared, too, because she's always been so healthy," said Chris. "It dawned on me that I related now to all those people who I had heard about before."

As a form of therapy, Mary started a blog to inform women about the dangers of breast cancer.

"I tried to journalize everything that was happening to me in a way that other women would glean from that," said Mary. "And I challenged 100 women to get their mammograms."

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