'Dallas' Star Larry Hagman Diagnosed with Cancer

Getty Images

Larry Hagman, a.k.a. Dallas' resident bad boy J.R. Ewing, has been diagnosed with cancer.

Despite the news, the actor has been informed that he has a highly treatable form of the disease that won't keep him from starring in TNT's Dallas reboot.

"As J.R. I could get away with anything - bribery, blackmail and adultery. But I got caught by cancer," Hagman said in a statement. "I do want everyone to know that it is a very common and treatable form of cancer. I will be receiving treatment while working on the new Dallas series. I could not think of a better place to be than working on a show I love, with people I love. Besides, as we all know, you can't keep J.R. down!"

According to TV Guide, this wasn't Hagman's first health scare, as the actor underwent a liver transplant in 1995 due to cirrhosis of the liver. He'll join other Dallas alums, including Patrick Duffy, Steve Kanaly, Linda Gray, Charlene Tilton and Ken Kercheval in the reboot.