Manny From 'Modern Family' on How Life Has Changed


Thirteen-year-old Rico Rodriguez has had his fill of the sweet taste of success at a very young age but the Modern Family star still hasn't allowed himself to become jaded by stardom.

Rico, who plays Manny on the hit ABC sitcom, admitted to ET that he still gets star struck when meeting celebrities that he admires. One such star was Hugh Jackman, whom Manny met at the Real Steel premiere.

"When he saw me, he goes, 'Rico, you're the man,'" said Rico. "I go, 'No, you're the Hugh Jackman.'"

As the show gains more success with ratings and acclaim from critics, Rico disclosed that his busy schedule isn't the only facet of his life that's changed.

"A lot of people know who we are, which is amazing," Rico gushed. "That's how my life has changed. I'm not always able to be with my family, but they always see me on Modern Family."

On his TV mom, Sofia Vergara, Rico reveals that her maternal role extends beyond the screen, saying, "Sofia is very motherly. She's like, 'Sit up straight. Get your fingers out of your mouth.' ... She's really great."

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