Behind the Scenes of TV's New Comedy Dating Show


ET's Chris Jacobs went behind the scenes of the new comedy dating show Excusedfor a hilarious look at what contestants have to go through at the hands of comedian and host Iliza Shlesinger.

Iliza, who won Last Comic Standing in 2008, provides the comic relief for the show that can get a little gloomy when contestants get sent home.

"Everything is off the top of my head," said Iliza, revealing that her part of the show is entirely unscripted. "For this opportunity to make jokes and riff -- it makes me a stronger comic and it gives people a chance to watch my comedy [off stage]."

The new reality show is really breaking the mold, being the first dating program in which viewers can potentially date the contestants they see on the show. The series is partnered with the dating site

"People at home, if they like [a contestant] ... can then find you on and contact you," said Iliza, explaining that even those excused from the show can still have a shot at love. "It's a great way to connect people off camera."

Excused airs in syndication, so check your local listings. Click the video to get a virtual tour of the house where the dates take place.