Meet One 'Sweet' Bachelor


Fans of CMT's dating competition Sweet Home Alabama will have no problem recognizing season two's man of the hour: season one runner-up Tribble Reese.

After getting his heart broken by Devin, and shedding tears (he emphasized the pluralization), Tribble has regrouped and recommitted himself to finding love with 11 city girls and 11 country girls on Sweet Home Alabama, season two. But the experience wasn't all champagne and chocolate.

"It was a lot harder than I thought it would be," Tribble tells ETonline of going from woo-er to woo-ey. "I came in there with this grand plan and thought I had it all figured out since I was on the other side. But I had no idea how hard it would actually be to eliminate girls when I had feelings for them. There's a lot of tough decisions to be made when you get deep in the show and are building connections with all the girls. It's like breaking up with 21 girls."... Women that floored Tribble from the very beginning.

"It's unbelievable walking out and seeing 11 city girls and 11 country girls, all in these prom dresses just waiting for me. My jaw hit the ground and I think I blacked out," he says. "It's cool that they would take a risk and leave their lives to come and try to date me. It's humbling."

And that's exactly what you get with Tribble -- a kind, humble, total Southern gentleman who had one goal (aside from love) going into filming: don't do anything his family would be embarrassed by! "I had a heart to heart with myself and said, 'Tribble, you made it 25 years without f***ing up, don't start now – on national television,'" he laughs. And while CMT doesn't go for the hot-tub jumping antics other dating shows do, Tribble admits, "My grandmother doesn't like to watch the kissing. She just wants the wedding, not the details."

Speaking of walking down the aisle, does Tribble think he made it out of the competition with the best girl possible? "Yes, I truly do. I went down there with one goal in mind – to find the girl I had the greatest connection with. I had my party days but I'm ready to share life experiences. I knew I was going to put my heart on the line, I just didn’t know it would be to this extent. I definitely feel a strong emotional pull to the winner and couldn't be happier."

Sweet Home Alabama premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on CMT -- click here to watch a preview!