Kym: David Arquette Didn't Deserve to Go Home


As evident from the deafening wave of boos as David Arquette was eliminated Tuesday night, the lovable and energetic actor was a definite fan favorite. Behind the scenes, the sentiment was no different.

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With five couples left in the running, it was a huge achievement to have made it so far in the game, but David's partner Kym thinks he should have gone even farther.

"I saw us in those semi-finals," admits David's pro partner wistfully. "I don't think David deserved to go at all. I think he's so good."

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Karina Smirnoff agreed with Kym saying she too thought "David did go a little early," however ultimately conceding that "this competition is unpredictable."

David, always the optimist, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to participate, wishing he could have kept in the game because he was looking forward to learning the next new dance with his partner.

"I accomplished everything I came here to do and it's been a really great time out here. I love dancing with Kym. I would have liked to have learned a few more dances. The foxtrot was coming up, and that would have been amazing to learn."

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