'Heroes' Reunite on 'Hawaii Five-0'


It's been nearly two years since the immensely popular sci-fi hit Heroes signed off the small screen, but Hawaii Five-0 is giving fans of the series a long-awaited reunion.

Former mind reader, Greg Grunberg makes his first appearance on Five-0 playing an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent who works with the team when a fellow agent is killed.

Masi Oka plays Dr. Max Bergman, a socially challenged medical examiner. Oka is now a regular with a few episodes under his belt, and already developing a rapidly growing fan base with his character's delightful eccentricities.

Tonight the two characters meet for the very first time, slyly alluding to their previous relationship on the sci-fi series.

Don't miss the reunion on an all-new episode of Hawaii 5-0 on CBS!

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