J.R. & Karina Reflect on Their 'Perfect' Dances


On Monday night, Dancing with the Stars saw its very first perfect score of the season and the proud owners of those glorious 10's gave us the low down on how it feels to get not just one, but two rounds of unbelievable scores.

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"Oh my god, it's indescribable," said J.R. Martinez with a wide grin. "It's an amazing feeling."

Hoping to get a high-energy dance at this crucial juncture in the competition, J.R and Karina were disappointed to learn they were assigned to a slow waltz. J.R. felt last week's foxtrot was disappointing (on his part), and had wanted to choreograph a more "upbeat" number.

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Despite their initial reservations, the pair wowed with a brilliant waltz that had the audience up on their feet cheering before the dance was even over. "In the middle of our waltz, our first dance, we heard the energy and the crowd in the ballroom…It was amazing. It really was amazing," he explained.

With a renewed confidence in their chances of winning the Mirror Ball trophy, J.R. vowed to dedicate his efforts to partner Karina. "She deserves it all and she works her butt off so much. She's an amazing dancer and she's so talented. I think the world sees it and they've seen it for past seasons. Now it's time for her to take home that trophy if possible."

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