Nancy Grace: What I'll Miss Most About 'DWTS'


Nancy Grace and partner Tristan MacManus ended a lengthy and enjoyable run on Dancing with the Stars Tuesday night, and although the Headline News host is no longer in the competition, she insists she couldn't be happier.

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Just one week shy of the semi-finals is an undeniably difficult time to get the boot, but Nancy tells Entertainment Tonight that keeping a positive frame of mind is her secret. "I don't want to be sad that it's over; I want to be happy that it happened," she explains.

"I really can't complain that one week shy of [the finals] that we won't be on the air. I'm just very happy. That's how I feel."

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As for her friendship with dance partner Tristan, Grace says their special bond is the significant thing she'll take away from the competition. "Of all things, I'll miss Tristan the most. Hopefully we'll always know each other and I'm going to always treasure the time we had together."

Tristan agreed wholeheartedly, yet couldn't help but acknowledge he's looking forward to "a little lie-in in the morning," or as Nancy translates, "that means sleep late."

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Tune in for the Dancing with the Stars semi-finals Monday on ABC.