Stacy Francis: I'm 'Confused' By X Factor Judges


It was an evening of songs from the movies for the top 11 on Wednesday night's episode of The X Factor, and while it's undeniable the contestants put on a must-see show, the bickering judging panel has once again snagged the spotlight.

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Stacy Francis seized a moment backstage to vent her frustration following a strong hit of negative feedback in regards to her wardrobe, dancing and choice of song (Whitney Houston's Queen of the Night from The Bodyguard); all of which she felt had little to do with the competition.

L.A. Reid, who had a hand in crafting the Houston single, openly acknowledged his distaste for the piece, telling Francis, "I co-wrote the song, I still don't like it!", although he ultimately conceded she did a "good" job with it. Paula "hated" the song as well, but praised her for managing to make it work. Simon had a bone to pick with her for her wardrobe, and dancing.

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Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Stacy expressed disappointment in regards to the amount of real constructive criticism she feels she has yet to receive.  "I get confused about the judges because they're fighting each other. I don't know if they're mentoring, if they're really giving us critique to be better artists, or they're too busy competing against each other because they don't want to help an artist be better because they're fighting," she explained.

While Stacy may question the methods of the panel, she admits that once in a while she takes home something productive. "Sometimes Simon really gives me great critiques and he'll help, and other times it's like he beats me down to the ground so tonight I felt kind of beat down to the ground."

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Tune in to FOX tonight to see who stays and who goes, following performances by Willow Smith and Jessie J.