Mindy Kaling: From 'Office' to Author

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Mindy Kaling's new book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns), opens with the author saying: "Thank you for buying this book."

But after 219 pages of painfully funny anecdotes, wry observations and jokes that will leave you awkwardly laughing on public transportation, it becomes clear that we should be thanking Mindy for putting pen to paper.

The author, best known for playing Kelly Kapoor on The Office, tells ETonline that even though the book features "embarrassing stories from my youth and adulthood, it's not R-rated. I haven't led a very R-rated life. "

Like Tina Fey's hugely successful tome, Bossypants, this features essays, lists, anecdotes and a plethora of experiences that will hit so close to home, you might think the author has been spying on you. Turns out culling together a lifetime of memories wasn't as difficult as Kaling imagined.

"So much about what people want to read is changing," she tells ETonline. "10 years ago blogs didn't exist, and now people are used to going online and reading a page and a half of material. Twitter actually helped me with my book a lot since people actually like to read lists, short comedy essays and little anecdotes now. An essay no longer needs to be 15 pages with 'and that's when I learned ... ' at the end.

But morals, like the belly laughs, abound throughout the hugely enjoyable, must read book!