Paula's 'X Factor' Meltdown As She Loses 2nd Group


Paula's 'X Factor' Meltdown As She Loses 2nd Group

Music consumers do not seem to be on the lookout for the next Spice Girls or N*SYNC. For the second consecutive week, The X Factor voters have put two acts from "The Groups" category in the bottom.

After losing InTENsity last week, Paula Abdul found this predicament to be "a nightmare situation" when it became battle of the bands up on the stage. Lakoda Rayne and The Stereo Hogzz performed one last time for the judges in an effort to be saved.

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L.A. Reid and Nicole Scherzinger agreed to send The Stereo Hogzz home. When it came time for Paula to cast her ballot, she broke into tears. Being pressed by host Steve Jones for an answer as the time was running out on the live broadcast, Simon Cowell sensed her distress and reluctance. He allowed Paula to abstain from voting another one of her groups out of the competition.

However, by doing this, The Stereo Hogzz would automatically be sent home regardless of Simon's vote because they already had a two-vote majority against them. To allow Simon to have his fair say, Paula voiced that she would send Lakoda Rayne home. Simon concurred with the previous two judges, thus bidding farewell to The Stereo Hogzz.

Paula's team is now hanging on by a thread with only one act left, Lakoda Rayne. The three other judge's categories remain intact with three acts each. The X Factor returns with a full slate of new performances on Wednesday night on Fox.