Brett Butler After 'Grace' & Living as A Psychic


With the immense popularity of Grace Under Fire, comedian Brett Butler became a household name in the nineties. After a very public struggle with substance abuse, the 53-yr-old has overcome her demons and has a new lease on life, once again tackling stand-up comedy and wholeheartedly embracing her psychic abilities. 

Meeting up with Nancy O'Dell at the Entertainment Tonight studios in Los Angeles, Butler was quick to point out that ET is neighbors with the old Grace Under Fire stage. Although she's all smiles as she visits the birthplace of Grace, she acknowledges there will always be darkness to the memories she keeps.

"[The pressure] was real unnerving and weird and it's very strange…It's other worldly," Brett says of the bad days she'd rather forget. "I don't romance the past…it prevents me from looking ahead at new things."

As Butler is currently developing a new show for television, it may surprise many to learn she has no intention of returning to a sitcom at the moment; rather she has her eye on reality television with a very specific focus, the exploration of her psychic abilities.

"I'm interested in this and I'm skeptical," explains Brett as to why she's convinced her show will garner real interest. "The powers of precognition, a lot of people can do this. Really, a lot of people can and I think you can tell by many psychic shows on television."

Butler is still working out the details of her show in development, but you can catch the comedian this November 18/19 at The Downtown Comedy Club in Los Angeles.