L.A. Reid: Fans Deserve an Apology From Astro


The initial shock of Astro's placement in the bottom two of Thursday night's X Factor wore off quickly when the 15-yr-old rapper unleashed an unexpected temper tantrum. Astro's very own mentor, L.A. Reid admits it was not a proud moment, and the young man will make it up to his fans if he has anything to do with it.

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"I don't want the world to think that you can have a bad attitude and still win," L.A. told Entertainment Tonight backstage after the show. "I don't like that message at all. He deserves to apologize. The world that watches him, his fans and The X Factor fans deserve an apology."

Although Nicole Scherzinger lost Stacy Francis over Astro last night, she was a bit more forgiving of his behavior than L.A.. "He's young," Nicole shrugged. "Look, it's real it's human. That's probably what a lot of people would feel like, but they just wouldn't say it."

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Simon Cowell, who made it clear on air how he felt about Astro's behavior, vented once again to ET about his "frustration" with the young rapper. "You've got to understand that these are the rules. There's no conspiracy," said Simon. "It's just the fact [he] didn't connect, and [he's] got to learn from it. He's got to come back next week and eat a very large dose of humble pie."

And if he doesn't learn from the scolding? "If he comes back with that attitude next week, then it's going to be a very different proposition."

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The X Factor returns to Fox next Wednesday night.