'American Horror Story' Exclusive Sneak Peek


FX's American Horror Story has quickly developed into the most outrageous, audacious and delicious hour of television anywhere on the dial -- and with the season having just crested the halfway mark, the spooky nightmare is only going to get more intense.

On this Wednesday's episode, one of the show's biggest mysteries will be revealed when the identity of The Rubber Man is revealed!

Elsewhere in this week's outing, Vivien is still reeling from discovering she was visited by the ghost of Nora Montgomery and looks for solace in the worst possible place: the dynamic duo of Moira and Marcy the realtor. A character who will only becoming more of a presence in the show, since creator Ryan Murphy told EW.com, "I am obsessed with Marcy the realtor. Every episode we're like 'We're killing Marcy this episode.' And then we get to writing her and she's too hilarious to kill."

A personality quirk you'll get another taste of in this exclusive sneak peek from Rubber Man. Watch!

American Horror Story airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.