Tracey Gold Saving Women with 'Starving Secrets'


As early as age eleven, Tracey Gold began her highly-publicized battle with anorexia, and now at 42, the actress and former child star is fully recovered and using her knowledge to help others fight the devastating effects of eating disorders.

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"It's really close to my heart," says Tracey of her new Lifetime series Starving Secrets, which follows the lives of various women in the grips of bulimia or anorexia as they embark on a path towards recovery.

Along with some of the best specialists in the business, Gold immerses herself in the lives of these women in an effort to confront them with the reality of their conditions. "I think that the earlier you catch it, the easier it is to nip it in the bud," explains Tracey.

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Armed with information, she hopes to help these women understand the disease in a way she herself never could in the 80's. "When I was sick and started to show signs of it, I went and saw a psychologist/ family therapist, not somebody who specialized in eating disorders so I was able to go in there and BS my way through it…If I had gone to an eating disorder clinic very early on, I think it would have helped a lot."

Tracey's series Starving Secrets premieres on Lifetime, December 2.