Who Didn't Make The Cut on 'The X Factor'?


Last night, seven acts performed special tributes to the late, great Michael Jackson. To top it off, the Jackson family was in the audience for added pressure. Unfortunately, two of the contestants had to say goodbye so if you don't want to be spoiled, don't read any further!

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The contestants continued their touching tribute to the King of Pop, performing a collaborative number of MJ's hit Man in the Mirror. After the niceties, it was time to get down to business to see who will move on. Chris Rene, Melanie Amaro and Rachel Crow were the first to be voted through, leaving the other four contestants nervous in anticipation.

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After a Tinie Tempah performance, Josh Krajcik was named the last safe contestant, which left only three remaining. While one must go home, the other two have to sing it out to stay. After deliberation, 15-year-old Astro was eliminated, leaving Marcus Canty and Drew Ryniewicz to the final showdown for the last spot.

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Drew performed first with a sweet rendition of Listen To Your Heart while Marcus came with his soulful take on Neither One Of Us. After the two brilliant performances and some tough decisions, the judges chose to send home a teary eyed Drew, who thanked her fans amidst the heartache.

Tune into The X Factor to see the remaining five contestants battle it out for the $5 million dollar recording contract Wednesday night on Fox.