Behind the Shocking 'American Horror Story' Death


Spoiler-phobes be warned, American Horror Story pulled back the curtain on one of its biggest shocks last night and star Taissa Farmiga is going to talk all about it from this point forward!

On last night's episode, titled Smoldering Children, fans -- and Violet -- learned simultaneously that the Harmons' daughter was officially, 100 percent, deceased. And has been for a few weeks as evidenced by the bugs swirling about her deformed carcass.

And while Violet was emotionally ravaged by the news, fans have been circling this theory ever since the character noticeably stopped going to school. What no one anticipated, however, was the truly compassionate lengths Tate, her dangerously dark boyfriend, would go to in order to keep this revelation from her.

Taissa Farmiga stopped by the ETonline offices in anticipation of last night's episode to talk all about what Violet's death means for the show in the final two episodes -- hours that will, according to the actress, focus on the birth of her sibling/potential stepson.

American Horror Story airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.