Candy to Petra:Spelling Manor Takes Responsibility


Aaron Spelling left wife Candy a literal dynasty of a home with his death in 2006, and earlier this year, the 66-yr-old widow sold her 57,000 square-foot inheritance. HGTV's Selling Spelling Manor tells the story of her emotional journey as she packs away decades of fond memories.

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Acquired by 22-year-old heiress Petra Ecclestone, the mansion was purchased for a whopping $85 million. Spelling wishes the socialite well, but warns that maintaining a house of its size is a rather difficult undertaking.

"It's a lot of scheduling and it's a lot of responsibility," Candy advised. "I don't know that she understood what's behind it, what it takes to run something like that."

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While Spelling admits selling the house was something her late husband would "never have allowed" when he was alive, she found that once she made the decision to leave, the process became a loving homage to the twenty-plus years of history held within the lavish grounds.

"I never in my wildest dreams ever thought this would ever happen," reflects Candy. "I kind of really wanted to share [the process] with everybody"

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Nevertheless, the recent relocation has come to reflect the beginning of a "new chapter" in her life, one which she feels will move her forward.

"We can't live in the past. We'd all like to. I was lucky enough to be the keeper of the memories."

HGTV's Selling Spelling Manor premieres this Thursday, December 15.