'The X Factor' Finalists Revealed


Thursday night's The X Factor elimination show was the first that relied entirely on viewer votes without taking judges' opinions into account. If you don't want to know who America chose as The X Factor's three finalists, read no further.

The X Factor fielded 30 million votes for their results show, but Marcus Canty's name wasn't on enough of the ballots as he was sent home one week before the season finale.

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The soulful crooner held his head high, vowing that the decision would not hinder his career.

"This is not the last time you will see Marcus Canty!" he declared.

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It had been a long road for Canty to remain on the show as long as he did. The vocalist had to sing for his survival on numerous occasions, winding up towards the bottom in audience and judges' votes.

Canty's mentor, L.A. Reid, seemed more affected by the news, saying, "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little sad, right? I'm really connected to Marcus -- he's amazing. I'm not happy to see you go. I think you're a major star ... You have my support."

As the only mentor to have coached two proteges into the semi-finals, Reid still has a chance for one of his contestants, Chris Rene, to win The X Factor's top prize.

Tune in to FOX on Wednesday night to see finalists Chris Rene, Melanie Amaro and Josh Krajcik duke it out on an all-new X Factor.