Sophie Clarke: I Deserved to Win 'Survivor'


Sophie Clarke, the Sole Survivor of Survivor: South Pacific, spoke to ET Canada last night immediately following the show's season finale. The young medical student revealed how she plans to spend her prize money as well as how she's changed since starring on the CBS reality show.

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"I have a lot of loans," said Sophie when asked what she might do with the $1 million she won in the competition. "So, I'm going to pay for school."

While Coach and Ozzy may have garnered more attention, Sophie revealed that she was quietly in control of the game for much of their time on the island.

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"I definitely deserved to win," said Sophie. "And I think the jury thinks that, too. I mean, 39 days of hard work and it paid off."

Being a reality show contestant is one job that Sophie never predicted for herself, but she admits that she greatly appreciated the experience and has allowed it to affect her life since she's been back home.

"I used to be such a library nerd," Sophie said with a grin. "I think I often said no to a lot of things ... I find that I say yes to everything now. I'm just trying to live it up."

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The next installment in the series, Survivor: One World, premieres in February on CBS.