First Look: '30 Rock' Season 6


If you're wondering why 30 Rock's sixth season is premiering in January, Tina Fey has your answer: "We had a slightly extended hiatus because I had a baby in August."

But that pregnant pause has long since ended and a zany new year of TGS hijinks is afoot!

That includes the return of Will Arnett and the introduction of two new characters: An NBC page played by the amazing Kristen Schaal and Liz's new boyfriend, played by James Marsden. Yes, that's right. James Marsden.

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"Liz is in a good place at the beginning of the season," Tina reveals. "She does have a new love interest. It's nice because we’re kind of jumping in in the middle. We figured since our show is coming back in the middle of the TV season, why not just start in the middle. We don't know how I met him, we don't know where he came from but I have a really handsome boyfriend. Don't question it. Don't overthink it."

Check out Kristen, James and the rest of 30 Rock's island of misfit toys in this sneak peek video of the brand new season!

30 Rock premieres January 12 at 8 p.m. on NBC.