Ben Gives 1st Impression Rose to Horse Whisperer


Ben Gives 1st Impression Rose to Horse Whisperer

A new year, a new season of The Bachelor. Twenty-five bombshells and one silver fox rode up to the mansion on Monday's premiere, hoping to give Ben Flajnik an outstanding first impression. One girl, Lindzi C. trotted up the driveway in lieu of the more traditional limo method.

Paired with making a connection in their sincere conversations, Lindzi's grand entrance earned her the coveted first impression rose. Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky stuck to her initial instincts and got engaged to the gentleman she gifted with the first impression rose, Roberto Martinez, but the two recently broke off their relationship.

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Brittney also surprised Ben with another nonconventional introduction. Her beloved grandmother Sheryl stepped out of the limo first to meet the man of the hour. She put her matchmaking intuition to the test by setting her granddaughter up with the hunky winemaker. So far her tactic is working because Brittney received a rose during the ceremony.

There are a few other leading ladies for viewers to keep their eyes on. Monica earned a negative reputation right from the get-go after causing Jenna to burst into tears. With both ladies still in the running, this duel seems to be a catfight in the making. Every season has its villain (Vienna Girardi, Bentley Williams, Justin "Rated R" Rego) and Monica may claim that title in 2012. Monica also engaged on some girl-on-girl action, forming what appeared to be a girl crush with Blakeley.

Right off the bat, model Courtney caught Ben's eye. Will he see inner beauty in her as well? Ben is settled into a career in the wine country of Northern California, so it would be tough to maintain stability in their relationship with her busy travel schedule for modeling jobs. They'll explore the logistics later because he wants a second helping of this eye candy.

British native and world traveler Lyndsie J. could be a perfect companion for the worldly Ames Brown. She was dismissed at the inaugural rose ceremony, so unless things have changed since filming ended, she's still looking for a guy to earn more passport stamps with.

Girl with the dragon tattoo? Not quite, but one gal has ink on her arm reminiscent of Kasey Kahl's famous "guard and protect your heart" tat. It also signifies the key to her heart. If the two ever meet up, perhaps they are soul mates. Bachelor Pad can maybe create everlasting love if the show returns for a third installation this summer.

The casting of several young ladies in the dental care profession is ironic, given that Ben's heart was broken by dental student Ashley. The one who dismissed Ben's heartfelt proposal is already weighing in on the suitors. Ashley tweeted, "1. Amber T. 2. Jamie. 3. Nicki 4. Kacie 5. Lindzi are my top 5!!!!!!! maybe it will change! We will see! :)"

To see all the women's pearly whites and all the teeth-clenching tension, tune in to The Bachelor next Monday on ABC.