Celeb Sweat: Christina Hendricks

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Christina Hendricks, the bombshell known as Joanie on AMC's "Mad Men," has a curvaceous physique that has earned her the title of Esquire's Best Looking Woman. A former model who has been featured in Playboy, she admits her childhood as a dancer prevented her from worrying about dieting or additional exercise. She tells WebMD, "I've always been fit, I've always been active, and I've always been healthy." Christina, 36, takes vitamins and enjoys working out with the BOSU. to keep her workouts fresh, she uses a personal trainer with workout partner and hubby Geoffrey Arend.

Hottest Spot: Her Hourglass Figure
With her red hair and busty figure, she could easily be Jessica Rabbit if there was ever a remake of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. Until then, we'll await season 5 of Mad Men set for a later-than-usual March debut.

Guilty Pleasure: Books
Christina admits having to continually remind herself of the importance of exercise as she shares with WebMD, "I'd always be happy to just snuggle in bed with a book." She also enjoys reading during flights.

Favorite Sport: Knitting
You won't find it on ESPN, but her love of knitting allows her some relaxation, an important part of an actress' life, which includes up to 15-hour days on the set.