Gary Busey: No Meltdowns on 'Celebrity Wife Swap'


Gary Busey became a fan favorite onthe last season of The Celebrity Apprentice with his bizarre antics and ability to consistently annoy his fellow contestants. Now, regarding his latest foray into the reality world -- Celebrity Wife Swap -- the actor confesses he does get emotional, but denies having any dramatic meltdowns. 

Busey's fiancée, Steffanie Sampson, trades places with Gayle Haggard, wife of disgraced Colorado preacher Ted Haggard, in the all-new episode of Celebrity Wife Swap airing tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC. The actor explains he has a moving moment with Gayle at one point during the show, but said it was far from a meltdown. "Meltdowns are what you get when you get fast food," he joked.

While Busey and Haggard are seemingly polar opposites, the pastor said the spouse-swapping experience actually led the two families to become friends.

Haggard said the reason he and his wife of 33 years decided to step back into the limelight nearly six years after a gay sex scandal brought down his ministry was because he wanted the public to know how his family is now doing. "We wanted to communicate hope," Haggard told ET. "We wanted them to see our marriage intact, and our family growing in health and things like that."

Watch the video to hear what Busey liked about doing the show and why he felt it was important to share his views on reincarnation with Gayle Haggard.