Meet The New Host of 'Project Runway'


Meet The New Host of 'Project Runway'

On the surface, Angela Lindvall really does have a lot in common with Heidi Klum: they're both disarmingly gorgeous supermodel-moms with QVC jewelry lines and gigs hosting Project Runway.

But according to the new host of Project Runway: All Stars, that's where the similarities end. And you'll get a big dose of their differences every week now that Lifetime has brought back 13 of the show's most talented, memorable and controversial designers to take another stab at the Project Runway crown. ETonline caught up with Lindvall to find out what you can expect from Project Runway: All Stars.

ETonline: Were you a Project Runway fan coming into this?

Angela Lindvall: Truthfully, I had never seen an episode. I haven't watched any TV in like 10 years. But when I got the job, I watched all the seasons and fell in love. Fashion can be a frivolous, drama-ridden industry, but this also shows the fun side of fashion. Plus, it's mind-blowing what these designers do.

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ETonline: Even without watching the show, have you noticed its impact on the fashion world?

Lindvall: Oh, certainly. When I first started modeling more than 15 years ago, people didn't know that much -- maybe they'd heard of Prada or Louis Vuitton, but only major brands. Now, people know small brands, designers, what it takes to be in the modeling industry and it's all because of this show. Fashion is an industry where you'd never get to go behind-the-scenes if it wasn't for this.

ETonline: How do you think your hosting style differs from Heidi Klum's?

Lindvall: We really couldn't be more different – I'm a very laid-back girl form Kansas City. All-American. Our personalities are very different. It's hard for me to watch myself and it took a little while to get comfortable with hosting because you're presenting a challenge to 13 contestants who are staring up at you and you have to hold the space. Critiquing them at first was a challenge too because I felt kind of bad -- I mean, they're only getting one day -- if that! -- to create a dress. But that's what this show is about. And those designers are way harsher on each other than we could ever be.

ETonline: Many of the designers have gone on to find success in the industry since their first time on the show. Did you find them receptive to your critiques now that they're more established?

Lindvall: There were some who were very stuck doing "their thing." It's a fine line between being confident and being inflexible. You have to be able to adapt your style to the challenge. [Judges] Georgina [Chapman] and Isaac [Mizrahi] are incredibly successful people, so the advice these contestants were getting was really invaluable. They were pretty receptive to that. I think they have a lot of respect for those two so they did humbly take their opinions.

ETonline: What are you excited for fans to see with this All-Stars season?

Lindvall: I'm excited for people to see a new perspective through our new hosts -- it brings a new element and a new energy to the show. We have some exciting guest judges – I got to meet Miss Piggy, which was super exciting. And the challenges are much more intense than Project Runway. Hopefully people will take to me and not be disappointed that Heidi isn't there [laughs].

Project Runway: All Stars premieres January 5 at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.