'NCIS' Reaches 'Rare Air' with 200 Episodes


The cast of NCIS was soaring high during a recent set visit and with good reason -- the show has reached its 200th episode! ET was there as the stars popped champagne and spilled plot secrets.

The NCIS Team Reveals Fun Set Secrets

"I look at 200 episodes and it's certainly rare air," said Mark Harmon. "It's not a place that many get to be."

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Regardless of how extraordinary the accomplishment is, Pauley Perrette admitted that she's not surprised.

"The first time I read it I was like, 'Oh yeah, this is gonna be great,'" Pauley said. "I'm like the biggest NCIS fan. It's a great show. I watch the marathons. I'm a total NCIS addict."

In its ninth season, TV's number one prime-time drama has gone through an infinite amount of plot twists but it still has a few tricks up its sleeve.

"I think it's a really creative piece of writing by [showrunner] Gary Glasberg," Mark Harmon says of the 200th episode. "I think for people who follow the show that this'll be an episode that entertains in a lot of different ways. There'll be guest visits from many people who have passed through here over the last nine years."

A Familiar Face Returns to NCIS

The 200th episode of NCIS airs tonight, February 7 on CBS.