Rob Schneider's Life Is Now A Sitcom in 'Rob'


Rob Schneider has appeared in numerous comedies with fellow SNL alum Adam Sandler but now the funnyman is starring in his own show Rob which mirrors his own personal experiences.

"It seemed like it would be funny and fun to do," Schneider said. "I like the potential for it and getting to work with some really fun actors."

The show loosely follows Schneider's experiences as an American man who marries a Mexican woman and the adventures that come with trying to get along with her side of the family. The comedian commented on how the idea for the sitcom came from his wife Patricia with no strings attached as to what they can depict from their real life experiences.

"I'm ready [to] expose myself," Schneider said. "I'm not going to get naked every show, but every other show. I'm at a point in my life where this is something that sounds like it would be fun to do."

Hear more from Rob Schneider and the rest of the cast in the video! Catch Rob when it premieres January 12 on CBS.

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