'Bachelor''s Amber T: Jenna Was A 'Hot Mess'


America didn't get the chance to know "cow ball" queen Amber Tierney very well during her short tenure on The Bachelor, but ETonline spoke to the eliminated single lady about the waterworks that kicked off the season.

On the premiere episode on Monday, the biggest drama didn't even involve Ben Flajnik. Monica turned the faucet of Jenna's eyes on during an altercation and the tears kept flowing. "She was a little bit emotionally unstable. It's a really long night of shooting and everyone is tired. Emotions can be more exaggerated in that situation," Amber said. "I felt she was a hot mess." The ousted suitor explained that drinking was involved, so Jenna's extreme reaction may have been influenced by alcohol.

All of the time spent focusing on the drama distracted Ben, Amber feels. In an effort to get the situation under control, Ben assumed the role of "mediator." Amber didn't get any one-on-one time inside the mansion, so by the time the rose ceremony came around they didn't have the opportunity to see if they had chemistry.

In assessing the situation as a bystander, Amber began to "question Ben's character" for giving Jenna a rose. In her humble opinion, the meltdown should have raised a "red flag." Perhaps Ben's rationale for keeping Jenna around another week was "[Amber] was fragile at the time and he didn"t want to hurt her anymore."

Although she is happy for stepping out of her comfort zone to take part in this experience, Amber isn't completely sold on the notion that Ben is ready to commit to marriage. "My initial impression was that he was a little bit more into himself or the drama than getting to know the girls really well," she shared.

Two of the women did, however, leave Amber with good first impressions. Lindzi C. trotting up the driveway on horseback was "clever. She definitely deserves that first impression rose." Amber also expressed her fondness of Nicki, a dental hygienist from Texas.

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The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have a history of making couples out of contestants from different seasons. Ashley Hebert, watch your back! "Prior to J.P. Rosenbaum being picked and obviously now getting married, that was somebody I was a really big fan of," Amber gushed. "[William Holman] seems like a really nice down to earth guy [too]."

For many more tears, jeers, and cheers, watch The Bachelor on Monday on ABC as Ben takes all the women to wine country.