'Bachelor' Ben's Hometown Date

'Bachelor' Ben's Hometown Date

We're just days away from week two of The Bachelor, and with it comes the 18 remaining ladies' opportunity to work their magic with Ben on their first real date.

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Of the 18, 12 are whisked away on a group outing in Flajnik's hometown of Sonoma, California, where Ben gives the girls a chance to show another side of their personalities as they audition and perform roles for a community theater production (written entirely by children).

ET was behind the scenes of the pivotal, make-or-break date, and as Ben explains, there's good reason he's brought the ladies to Sonoma – it's a test run of sorts for their happy future together.

While he makes it known that the family aspect in the relationship is far down the road, he acknowledges that he does want kids, "two to four" to be exact.

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"I'd like to see how these women interact with children," he says. "It's important to see the maternal/parental side come out in these women. Just to see if this is something they do want someday."

The Sonoma date also provides Ben with the opportunity to give the ladies a feel of the city they may spend the rest of their lives in.

"This is my home, this where I was raised, this is where I work, this is my life," he says. "I spend a lot of time here and to give the girls an opportunity to see, not what I do on a daily basis, but to see where I come and spend my time is important to me."

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Watch the sneak peek of the all-new episode above, and don't miss The Bachelor this Monday on ABC.